Let's face it...You have questions! Whether you're building a new online business from scratch, expanding your existing business, or are just exploring the possibilities of online revenue, there is an unending list of questions you have. Questions like:

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I choose a target market?
  • Do I need a blog?
  • Should I worry about "duplicate content" and when?
  • How much should I budget for my online business?
  • Should I pay a web designer to set up my site or learn to do it myself?
  • Where do I find the technical help I need?
  • Why does this feel like a second langauge - and where can I get a list of terms?
  • How do I get more traffic to my website?
  • Do I really need to worry about "social media" - and if so, what do I do with it?

And the list goes on....and on...and on!

Here's Your Chance To Get Answers From A Trusted Authority!

I'm here to help you do just that. In fact I've spent years doing exactly that - answering questions for thousands of marketers just like you.

My name is Dr. Jeanette Cates. I've been online for over 15 years. In that time, I've started from scratch - just like you. I've built hundreds of websites. I've created more than 50 information products. And I've coached hundreds of clients to Online Success.

And the one consistent thing I've provided is solid information, based on experience, a lifetime of learning, and the success rate of my own business. I've answered tens of thousands of questions for people just like you. Questions like...

  • How do I get it all done? (Productivity)
  • What tools and techniques can I use to make it faster and easier to get it all done? (Efficiency)
  • Where do I find the help I need, when I need it? (Outsourcing)
  • What is REALLY necessary - and what's just fluff? (Time Management)
  • How can I accelerate my success rate? (Shortcuts)
  • What advice would you give if you were starting again from scratch? (How-To's)
  • When is it okay to quit my job and go full-time online? (Planning)
  • What are the "insider tips" that are not obvious to me as a beginner? (Tips)

These are the down and dirty, nitty gritty pieces of information you really need to build your business.

Here's Your Affordable Answer Source

You've probably heard about outsourcing various jobs in your business. You can find someone to create your website, do your graphics, even write your articles.

So why not outsource your answers?

Here's how it works:

  1. Inside the Members' Area there is a question form. You just put your key information plus your question into that form and submit it.
  2. I receive your question in my special questions inbox. This is not something I assign to anyone else. I actually read and respond to every question myself.
  3. When the answer is complete I'll send you the answer. And I'll also post the question and answer (removing any personal details you provided) inside the Members' site. After all, if you had that question, there's a good chance someone else does, too!

And here's the big benefit to you... The more questions we get, the more powerful the site becomes because we are archiving every single question that comes in. That's the power of the Group!

All Of The Answers You Need In One Location

All of the answers to questions from the group will appear in our Private Members' Area. Inside that space you'll also find:

  • Answers to the Top 25 Questions New Marketers Ask - these have been the most frequently asked questions for more than ten years. Everyone who gets started online needs these answers, so you'll get immediate access to these. You may find your exact question already answered and waiting for you!

  • Online Marketing Dictionary - if you're new to online business, it's like learning a new language! PPC, SEO, CPA - they're all defined in our unique Marketing Dictionary. You'll even find screen shots and videos to help you understand some of the terms.

  • A Powerful Search Box that lets you find the answers to YOUR questions quickly - just type a keyword into the box and you'll get a list of questions we already have in the site on that topic.

  • A Growing Collection of Answers as you ask your questions. Plus I'll be adding questions I get from other sources as well.

  • Multiple formats for the answers. Sometimes a question is best answered with a written response. Sometimes audio is good, particularly for a discussion of the pro's and con's of a topic. Often video is the best choice, particularly for online topics, so that you can SEE the answer. You'll find all of these formats inside our rich answer database.

  • Multiple sources. While I'll answer most of the questions, I also have a collection of short videos and audios that I've licensed and created with other marketers. Plus when I'm not the expert in an area, I may do a short interview with another marketer who can provide a better answer for you. So you get a variety of perspectives.

My goal for you each week is to answer at least two more questions that will help you break through your online barriers with tactics that you can apply immediately.

Here's Exactly What You'll Receive Today

As a member of the Ask Jeanette Cates site you'll receive all of this:

1. Answers To YOUR Questions!

Naturally you'll be able to search for answers as soon as you log in. But any time you don't find the answer YOU need, you can submit your question on a special form that comes directly to my inbox. Generally you'll have an answer with 72 hours - ready to use!

If there is not already an article, an audio, or a video to answer your question inside the site, I'll sit down and create the answer.

That means that not only are you getting YOUR questions answered - but each month there is a growing collection of questions and answers that will expand your knowledge and meet your needs.

2. The Top Questions New Marketers Ask

Regardless of who you are, there is a learning curve you need to go through as you get started online. I've accumulated the top questions we get over and over, then answer each question individually.

You'll find all of these questions - and answers - waiting for you in the members' area as you log in. And I'm sure you'll learn something with just those!

3. New Questions Each Month

I get questions all the time from new and experience marketers. So I'll be answering those each month in a variety of formats.

Articles - sometimes an answer is best written

Audios - other times I need to discuss something with you

Videos - many times you need to SEE the answer to an online question. That's when I'll record a video for you.

Yes, I Want To Join Right Now!

I Want To Answer Your First Question - Right Now!

By now, I'm sure you can't wait to get access to the Ask Jeanette Cates Private Members Site and start profiting from the great information inside!

But you're also wondering - how much will it cost? Isn't that the question in your mind?

After all, if you wanted to hire me one-on-one to answer all of your questions, it would cost you $450 per hour. I do that all the time for my clients.

The fact is that it is not going to cost you $450 an hour to get the answers to all your questions - plus all the other bonsues that we've added to the site. In fact, you're going to be able to access it all for just a fraction of what I normally charge.

Because I'm not only going to answer your questions but other people's questions as well. It's a group price of only $20 per month to have all of YOUR questions answered!.

For a limited time, I am offering special Charter Member Pricing for only $9.95 per month! Take advantage of this incredibly priced offer while it lasts!


Our No Hostage Guarantee

Register today and you'll gain instant access to our Private Members Area. If you're not thoroughly pleased and convinced that Ask Jeanette Cates is for you, simply submit a ticket at our support site requesting cancellation and we will cancel your membership and access to the members' area. And we'll part friends.


This is your chance to get all of your answers NOW.


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  • Answers to MY questions
  • Top 25 Questions Asked by New Marketers
  • Online Marketing Dictionary
  • Database of answers to questions and how-to's on Online Marketing
  • And More!

I understand that I will be charged every month for ongoing access to the site. Should I need to cancel I just need to click the unsubscribe button inside the members' site.

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I want to contribute to Your Online Success –

Jeanette S Cates, PhD
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